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Commercial Concrete Solutions

Fast, Cost-Effective Commercial Concrete Repair and Soil Stabilization

Uneven concrete and cracked slabs are a big hassle in a commercial space whether it’s on the sidewalk outside or inside the warehouse. Not to mention, issues with your concrete can become a major safety hazard during your business operations. That’s why Baird Foundation Repair offers a full range of commercial concrete repair solutions to stabilize and level uneven concrete slabs.

Our concrete experts can repair damage to sidewalks, driveways, roadways, warehouse floors and more.

Concrete Leveling

If you’re dealing with sinking or unlevel concrete around your commercial space, Baird can quickly repair it with industry-leading products that have yielded long-lasting and quality results for our clients. When a concrete surface that's supposed to provide safe, solid support loses its functionality due to settlement issues, prompt action is required to get things back to normal. Our concrete slab lifting products are essential to getting back up to safety standards.

Concrete Joint and Crack Repair

When concrete deteriorates and begins to crack, it can cause issues such as pooling water, uneven walkways and potentially cause dangerous safety hazards in your facility. Issues with your concrete begin with the soil it lays on top of. If the soil underneath softens or shrinks, concrete slabs can shift, settle and crack. When businesses experience these issues, it's best to find a permanent solution as quickly as possible.

Concrete Sealant

Concrete Sealant is a critical component of a good property maintenance routine that can easily be overlooked. Concrete is exposed to weather elements including extreme hot and cold which causes concrete to expand and contract. These elements cause concrete to deteriorate resulting in your exterior diminishing over time. Properly sealing your concrete will prevent cracks and divots, making foot traffic safer around your building.

Commercial Foundation Repair

We are proud to serve businesses through the repair of existing structures, as well as end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications. The products and solutions we use are manufactured and tested to meet industry standards, making sure we provide a permanent solution to bring you and your team peace of mind.

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Commercial Project Gallery

Get an idea of what our commercial projects will look like before our team comes out to improve your structure!

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