Concrete Joint and Crack Repair

No concrete repair job is too big or too complicated for the experts at Baird Foundation Repair. From minor cracks to major concrete sinking, our experienced technicians can pinpoint the problem and recommend the best solution for your concrete.

NexusPro Joint & Crack Repair

To repair cracked concrete, we recommend NexusPro, a silicone-based sealant that provides superior durability against environmental wear and tear. This product will protect your concrete from soil erosion, and stand up against weather conditions that other polyurethane sealants can’t handle. 

NexusPro concrete restoration advantages include:

  • Highly flexible material.
  • Seals joints and cracks from water infiltration.
  • Quick application and drying time.
  • Stands up to weather conditions.
  • UV-resistant to prevent drying, cracking, bubbling or yellowing.
  • Professional installation ensures a clean look.
  • Proven to last over 20 years-more than twice as long as traditional urethane-based sealants.

During the repair, our team will prepare the crack, pour in the sealant and even add a layer of sand to give the concrete a uniform appearance.

Count on Baird FoundatRepair

If you’re struggling with cracked or sinking concrete in and around your commercial space, the professionals from Baird are here to help. We are the go-to concrete repair specialists for businesses and communities across Texas, with offices in San Antonio, Houston, and Corpus Christi.

Restoring your concrete to its best possible condition is our specialty. Whether you need concrete leveling, soil stabilization or more, you can trust Baird to quickly and effectively repair the problem.

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