Concrete Sealant

Commercial Concrete Sealant & Protection

Commercial concrete sealant provides protection that lasts for years. Whether you want to protect your new concrete surface from water, chemical hazards, or simply add an additional layer of aesthetic to improve curb appeal, our products are a simple, highly-effective solution.

Concrete Sealant is a critical component of a good property maintenance routine that can easily be overlooked. Concrete is exposed to weather elements including extreme hot and cold which causes concrete to expand and contract.

These elements cause concrete to deteriorate resulting in your exterior diminishing over time. Properly sealing your concrete will prevent cracks and divots, making foot traffic safer around your building.

Supportworks Sealant Pro

Sealant Pro concrete sealant is used to prevent moisture intrusion in concrete slabs, decks, curbs, sidewalks and more. It also safeguards against harmful contaminants that lead to concrete spalling and scaling. This product is applied quickly by our specialists and provides long-lasting protection for concrete surfaces.

A unique, state-of-the-art material, this proprietary system bonds with concrete on a molecular level, permanently protecting it from water, dirt, and other contaminants in a single coat. Once applied, the seal dries in minutes and fully cures in just 6 hours. It is simple, fast, economical and extremely effective.

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We’ve helped thousands of business owners just like yourself. Whether concrete is on your warehouse floor or apartment complex, there’s no better way to ensure a long-lasting foundation.

We offer concrete sealant services across Texas, with locations including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston and Austin! So give your concrete the seal of protection, contact us today for a free inspection.