New Construction

New Construction Foundation Support

If you’re building any new structure in Texas, it’s wise to consider all of your options for stabilizing and supporting the property long-term. New construction foundation support using piers can be installed to protect a building or home from settling, or worse, sinkholes. Our Texas new construction pier installation experts are most often called in when soil conditions are suspect.

How New Construction Piers Work

We use helical foundation piers for new construction work throughout Texas. Helical piers are installed prior to pouring footings as specified by the engineer’s installation design. (These are the same piers that have long been used to stabilize and often lift the foundations of existing homes that have settled.)

Our foundation experts will install rugged steel tube sections which are drilled until they reach the depths of competent load-bearing soil strata or bedrock.

The top of the pier is then cut to the footing elevation, and a footing bracket or plate cap is welded to it.

Rebar is added, and the footing is poured, making the pier and bracket assembly integral to the foundation.

Your foundation rests upon these piers, not potentially unstable soils closer to the surface. This precaution ensures that your new home will not settle due to weak soil conditions or sinkhole activity.

Advantages of Pre-Construction Helical Piers

There are many advantages not only to pre-construction piers, but the piers we use as Supportworks dealers:

Can be installed year-round

Round shaft has a high resistance to bending

Galvanized steel resists corrosion for long life

Cannot be seen after installation

Can be installed in tight spaces

Lifetime, transferable warranty

Protect the building from sinkholes