Time Is Not
On Your Side

Foundation and concrete problems only get worse with time. It’s tempting to ignore them because foundation cracks often progress slowly. But every year that passes adds complexity and cost to the situation. You’ll end up paying for it eventually, either when you finally repair it or when you have to lower your price to sell your home – urgency matters.

Why the Urgency?

Imagine your home when it was new. Picture everything working exactly the way it was designed. The original owner—maybe it was even you—didn’t have to worry that their largest investment was losing value due to a foundation crack. They didn’t lose sleep at night wondering if a floor might buckle or a wall might cave in. These are all good reasons why it makes sense to fix your foundation problems now, rather than waiting.


Foundation failure is when the foundation of a building, house, or apartment is shifting and causing damage to the structure.

Cedar Post

Cedar posts supporting the foundation can rot leading to sagging floors and structural damage.


Floor failure is caused by a shifting and settling of the foundation of a structure causing cracks or depressions in the floor.


Slab failure typically is caused by the washing out of the soil beneath your slab or the shifting of the ground beneath your slab. This causes cracking or separation of your slab.

Why Fix My Foundation or Concrete?


Foundation and concrete pads can crack, buckle and collapse, leading to serious safety hazards. Partner with us to protect your family’s future.


Ensure you never have to worry again – our permanent solutions are cutting-edge, patented, and always come with warranties.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy your greatest investment today, then make more money when it’s time to sell.

Did You Know

The Real Estate Disclosure Act requires foundation repair to be disclosed to potential home buyers. Realtors tell us they are forced to discount homes with foundation structural defects 10-20% to make a sale. Don’t lose out on all that money!

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