Edinburg Foundation Repair

Concrete and foundation repair are common in Edinburg due to settlement sinking, which is why residents have trusted the specialists at Baird Foundation Repair for decades. In towns with frequent foundation issues, we recommend that residents look out for stuck windows and doors, which can be a sign of foundation problems that are causing your home to shift.

If you do discover a foundation problem, the free inspection provided by our System Design Specialists will give you the best repair solution for the specific issue. Because our technicians can usually repair your foundation in less than a week, customers can enjoy minimal disruption from their daily lives while also receiving the best service possible. Additionally, our 25-year warranty against defects on all of our foundation products brings customers peace-of-mind. 

Because foundation repair can be a big investment for homeowners, we offer financing to help you manage the cost of repairs, as well.

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Concrete Repair Solutions in Edinburg

Cracked and sinking sidewalks, driveways and patios are unattractive and hazardous. Baird Foundation Repair’s PolyLevel foam levels concrete faster and more effectively than the mud jacking technique used by other companies. Our less invasive process will repair your concrete faster and last longer.

We can easily fix cracks and joints with a sealant that’s durable and long-lasting. The flexible NexusPro sealant won’t melt, crack or fade in the Texas heat, and it won’t wash away during storms. 

Consider having your home’s concrete permanently sealed after repairs are finished, which will extend the life of your concrete by three to five times. Our concrete sealant is the best available, bonding with the concrete on a molecular level to protect it from damage. With our concrete sealing services, your home will be protected from stains, debris and more, all with one coat of sealant that takes only a few hours to cure.

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Crawl Space Repair in Edinburg, Texas

Because of their humidity and dampness, crawl spaces are a breeding ground for mold, musty odors, wood rot and other structural issues. To protect your home, have our experts encapsulate your crawl space with the CleanSpace vapor barrier, which keeps out damage-causing moisture. We can also dehumidify, stabilize and insulate the crawl space to make your whole home drier and healthier.

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  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Basement, Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
  • 50+ Years of Experience
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

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"They moved the chimney a total of 15 inches. It fit like a glove. Baird would be my first, go-to, foundation repair company in San Antonio".
Robin and Keith M.
"I was very impressed... I didn't get any other bids. Being in business myself, I got a good feeling about Baird."
"Baird is truly a business to look up to for other businesses... I've already started recommending Baird to other properties out there."
"They were great. Very respectful of our property; they felt like family went they left!"
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