Helical Piers


Helical piers, or piles, are a strong and versatile solution for deep foundation systems. Helical piles can be used to support wall loads and/or pile caps supporting massive loads. Installed by hand, or with any variety of construction equipment, helical piles are ideal for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Advanced into the ground to appropriate depths for stable soils or bedrock, the piles then brace against foundation footings and transfer weight carefully from subpar soils down to competent strata – completely stabilizing any foundation.

If you need help lifting your home or lighter structures like decks or pools back to their original position, Supportworks helical piers might be the answer you need. These piers are made of steel and include a set of helical blades on the lower section of the pier.

The piers are mechanically advanced into the soil using small construction or hand equipment. As they are installed to appropriate depths and capacities, they prevent any future settlement issues.

In many scenarios, these foundation piers will be able to lift your home back to the level position by the completion of the installation.

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Helical pier installation

How foundation helical pier systems work

Foundations will experience settlement issues when the soils below the structure prove unable to support the weight of the structure. Helical pier systems create a solid supporting base that transfers the weight of your home downwards to strong supporting soils. The system consists of a central shaft with one or more helix-shaped bearing plates welded to the lead section.

Extension sections are used to extend the pile to competent load-bearing strata and achieve design depth and capacity. Brackets at the tops of the piles attach to structures, whether new construction or retrofit applications. Helical piles are advanced into the ground by the application of torque, which correlates to pile capacity.

Installing Helical Foundation Systems

First, the soil is removed from the area where the helical pier will be installed. Helical pier sections are mechanically “screwed,” or advanced, into the soil.

The first section of the pier that is advanced into the ground has one or more helical blades (or “bearing plates”) welded to the shaft. Additional helical pier sections do not have bearing plates and are instead used to extend the pier to the necessary installation depth.

Once proper depths and capacities are achieved, heavy-duty steel foundation brackets are positioned below and against the foundation footing.

The weight of the home is then transferred through the helical piers to deep, competent soils. Once we attempt to lift the home back towards its original position, the soil around the foundation is carefully replaced.

When to use foundation helical piers

Product Features

  • Year-round installation
  • Warrantied for 25 Years
  • Galvanized steel design – will not rust
  • Suitable for both heavy & light loads
  • Does not rely on the weight of structure for depth & capacity
  • Round shaft has a high resistance to bending
  • Quick Installation and minimal disturbance

With knowledge of local soil conditions, helical piers can be an ideal solution because the installing contractor will know exactly how deep to install the piers to reach a stable soil layer that can support your home. If your goals are the following, helical piers are a good choice:

  • You need the best opportunity to lift your home back to its original position.
  • Lighter structures such as decks, stoops, and pools are in need of stabilization.
  • You’d like minimal disturbance during installation.
  • You’re looking for fast, effective installation.
  • Restoring your property value is a priority.

Once your helical piers have been installed, you can count on your problem to be solved — once and for all!

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