Garage Lintel Stabilization

Fix failing garage lintels with LintelLift Permanent Garage Lintel Stabilization

If you’ve noticed cracks above your garage door or signs of bowing or sagging, your garage may have a failing garage door lintel. Baird Foundation Repair is the exclusive dealer for the LintelLift System, which offers a permanent solution for failing garage door lintels. Best of all, it can be installed in just one day!

Ignoring a failing garage lintel or cracks above the garage can not only decrease your home’s value and curb appeal, but it can also be a serious safety issue. Thankfully, you can protect your home and family with the patented LintelLift System. Schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate today in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and most of South Texas.

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How to recognize a failing garage lintel

The most common sign of a failing garage door lintel is vertical or stairstep cracking in the brick above your garage. These cracks can appear above the outer corners of your garage door frame or in the middle of your garage door header, indicating a lack of support from the lintel below.

Signs of garage door lintel failure:

  • Cracks in the bricks above the garage door frame
  • Sagging or bowing in the middle of the header above your garage lintel — look for the “smile!”
  • Sagging bricks over your garage lintel
  • Gaps between your garage lintel and trim

Why is my garage lintel cracking and sagging?

A lintel is a horizontal support beam spanning across the top of your garage door opening, acting as a shelf to supports the bricks above it. Garage door lintels are most commonly made of steel. When a lintel begins to fail, you’ll often notice cracking or sagging. Though they can sag due to corrosion over time, most garage lintels fail because they were simply undersized for the job in the first place.

If you ignore a sagging garage door lintel, it can worsen over time, potentially leading to falling bricks, moisture damage or even pest infestation. You can learn more about garage lintel problems here .

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The LintelLift solution for permanent garage lintel repair

LintelLift is a patented, warrantied solution for your sagging garage door lintel and can be installed in just a day! The LintelLift System is a permanent solution cracking, sagging bricks above your garage door and is guaranteed to fix the problem permanently.

LintelLift System advantages:

  • Addresses the cause of failing garage door lintels
  • Guaranteed permanent solution
  • Minimal disruption during installation
  • Can be installed in just a day
  • Vinyl trim can be painted
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free, no-obligation inspection and estimate available

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Don’t wait until your failing garage door lintel puts your property at risk. Choose the LintelLift System for fast, permanent lintel repair. Increase the curb appeal, value, and safety of your home when you book your free, no-obligation repair estimate in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and most of South Texas.