Sagging Garage Lintel

Permanently repair sagging, cracked brick above garage doors

Ignoring a failing garage lintel can cause serious damage to your home and decrease your property’s value, curb appeal and safety. Do any of these signs of garage lintel failure look familiar?

  • Cracks in the bricks above the garage door frame
  • Sagging or bowing in the middle of the header above your garage lintel — look for the “smile!”
  • Sagging bricks over your garage lintel
  • Gaps between your garage lintel and trim

The LintelLift solution for permanent garage lintel repair

LintelLift is a patented, warrantied solution for your sagging garage door lintel and can be installed in just a day! The LintelLift System is a permanent solution cracking, sagging bricks above your garage door and is guaranteed to fix the problem permanently.

Choose LintelLift for the peace of mind that only comes with a permanent solution and a 25-year warranty. If you’ve noticed your garage door lintel is bowing or sagging, or you’ve seen cracking
above your garage door, schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate today. Baird Foundation Repair offers garage lintel and structural foundation repair solutions for a broad range of foundation problems in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and most of South Texas.

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What is a garage door lintel?

Commonly made from steel, a garage door lintel is the horizontal beam across the top of your garage door frame, where it acts as a shelf to support the bricks above it. When compromised, a failing lintel can lead to bowing, sagging or cracked bricks above your garage door.

Why do the bricks above my garage door sag in the middle?

Sagging garage door frames are usually caused by a lintel that was too weak to begin with or has corroded and weakened over time. When this happens, the lintel is not strong enough to hold the weight of the bricks above it, which causes them to bow in the middle at the weakest point above the door opening. This can also cause vertical or stairstep cracking in the brick header, reducing curb appeal, home value and, most importantly, safety.

Signs of garage door lintel failure

A common sign of lintel failure includes sagging or bowing above your garage door frame, often in the center. Cracks may also appear between the bricks above the garage door, near corners or in the middle.

Can’t I just fill the cracks above my garage door header?

Well, yes… But by simply filling in the cracks (tuckpointing), you only address the symptoms. You won’t actually fix the cause: the failing garage lintel. And this can lead to:

  • Total Lintel Collapse: Without a permanent fix, a failing garage lintel will continue to bow and put the bricks above at risk of collapse.
  • Moisture damage: Garage lintel cracks also create a gateway for moisture to enter. This can eventually lead to your steel lintel rusting completely, requiring expensive replacement.
  • Infestation: Cracks in your garage header can also allow pests to enter, causing more damage.

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Need a permanent garage lintel solution in South Texas?

Baird Foundation Repair provides warrantied garage lintel repair options that fix the problem permanently. We are the area’s exclusive dealer for the patented LintelLift System, in addition to providing a variety of solutions for other serious foundation issues throughout South Texas. We provide free, no-obligation inspections and estimates for all work. Call or book online today in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Boerne, Floresville, Laredo, and throughout most of South Texas.