Tulsa Dental Center

October 6, 2022 Melanie Chaney


  • Owner // Tulsa Cosmetic Dental Center
  • Number of Helical Anchors // 28
  • Load Capacity // 60,000 lb
  • Average Drive Torque // 6,600 ft-lbs
  • Average Depth // 26′


The foundation system failed with more than 4” of vertical drop and 3” of lateral slide on top of 16’ of fill. Top left photo shows 16’ tall retaining wall failure began before all the space was leased. The EOR designed a repair plan involving a complex helical anchor foundation system. The design called for spot footing to work as lifting pads; at each location lifting brackets were installed with two Teflon pads on top. The Teflon pads would allow the footing to be pulled back in to place using 7 four ton come-alongs. Each come-along was attached to a dead man that had been poured weeks before. Once the footing was lifted and pulled back in place the lifting pads were locked off.

Once all the anchors were in place then the lifting process could be done. The center picture shows the New Construction Cap atop the helical anchor, with rebar in place the footing are ready to be poured.

The anchors closest to the existing stem wall worked in compression while the anchors in the back worked in tension. Once the new footing cured a cantilevered system was in place to support the existing foundation. This cantilevered method was designed to avoid disruption of the Geo Grid material that was in place inboard from the retaining wall during original construction of the wall.