Tinker Air Force Base

October 6, 2022 Melanie Chaney


  • Owner // United States Government
  • EOR // Parson Corporation/Dyncorp
  • Load Capacity // 160,000 lb
  • Average Installation Torque // 18,000 ft-lb
  • Average Pier Depth // 15


Contaminated soils are always a concern at most Air Force Bases and Tinker was not exempt. The problem was to provide a foundation system that would support the 75’ high wall without producing spoils. The engineer of record designed a Helical Pier system that would carry the new wall with a safety factor of two.


The installation of 19 21/4” sq. bar Helical Piers with 10-12- 14 inch helical plates were advanced to a depth of 16’. A 20,000 ft-lb gear motor provided the torque necessary to advance the piers to the proper load bearing soil.

After all piers were installed the shafts were cut to the correct elevation and new 12″ square construction Pier Caps were put in place. A new reinforced concrete Stem wall was cast on top of the helical piers to support the 75’ high by 115’ long wall.


If this project went any faster we would have had to have our pilot’s licenses. The project started on Monday 9:00 am sharp and we completed the project on Wednesday at 3:00 pm.